• Fertility Preservation in ChildrenFP in Children

    Chemotherapy treatments and other conditions such as Turner's and galactosemia can threaten the future fertility of children. At IFP, we offer innovative gamete and tissue freezing procedures to all ages of male and female children.Dr. Oktay invented many new approaches to fertility preservation.
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  • Customized IVFCustomized IVF

    In vitro fertilization or “test tube baby” is one of the biggest advances in the field of infertility, bringing its inventor the Nobel Prize. The simple concept behind IVF is to “unite” the sperm and egg in a test tube dish, unimpeded by various factors causing infertility.In vitro fertilization or “test tube baby” is one of the biggest advances in the field of infertility.
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  • BRCA CarriersBRCA Carriers

    The only center specializing in patients with BRCA mutations. Dr. Oktay performed the key research on fertility and fertility preservation of women with BRCA mutations. Targeted infertility treatments, fertility preservation, preimplantation genetic screening of BRCA mutations and prophylactic ovarian surgery are available from the World’s top expert.The only center specializing in patients with BRCA mutations.
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  • Breast Cancer and IVFCancer and IVF

    Eggs are harvested for safekeeping in advance of cancer treatments, and reimplanted after in vitro fertilization when the patient's cancer is in remission. We developed innovative strategies to keep estrogen levels low during ovarian stimulation to collect eggs so that cancer recurrence is not increased.Eggs are harvested for safekeeping in advance of cancer treatments.
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  • Ovarian CryoPreservationOvarian Cryo

    This technique does not require ovarian stimulation and can be performed in children and adults with short notice.IFPI's experience is unmatched, as Dr Oktay performed the first procedures in the world and has invented many new approaches to fertility preservation.IFPI's experience is unmatched.
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  • Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation Egg Freezing

    Our recent study reveals the specific success rates at each age after cryopreserving certain number of eggs with the slow freezing or vitrification methods. Calculate your egg freezing success rates with our one-of-a-kind online formula.Calculate your egg freezing success rates with our one-of-a-kind online formula.
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"Trust Your Future Fertility to the World’s Most Trusted Expert in Fertility Preservation"

: First pregnancies and livebirth from ovarian transplantation with the use of robotic surgery and extracellular matrix... women conceive 12 year after being in menopause.... new technique may improve ovarian transplantation success... : Dr Oktay speaks on Fertility Preservation on women with breast cancer, Toronto, Canada. : Dr Oktay is interviewed by BBC on reversing menopause... : ovarian transplant from a 13 year old restores fertility...read Dr Oktay's comments at ABC.com.... : First babies from Augment (egg precursor cell mitochondria treatment)....read in Time magazine article. : Watch Dr Oktay's ABC news interview...letrozole baby is 10 years old.. : Apple and Amazon covers egg freezing, Dr. Oktay interviewed..... : Read the NY Post article on Dr. Oktay's study on egg freezing success rates and pregnancy rate estimator.... : American Society of Clinical Oncology issues new guidelines on fertility preservation.... Dr. Oktay co-chairs the committee.... wide news coverage. : Dr. Oktay’s team publishes world’s first age specific egg freezing success rates. Determine your success with our online formula.
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Cutting Edge Fertility Treatments

Dr. Kutluk Oktay and his team have performed many key studies in the field of fertility.


Solid clinical training, sound scientific understanding and experience all count. Dr. Oktay spent decades on clinical, surgical and laboratory research perfecting treatments for difficult-to-treat infertility conditions.

Pioneer in Fertility Preservation

We invented many new approaches to fertility preservation.


We offer the most comprehensive and cutting edge techniques in fertility preservation from newborn to all ages of women in reproductive years.

Media Recognition

Professor Oktay’s research and innovative services have been recognized by top media outlets around the world


With Google citations exceeding 45,000... Just type "Kutluk" in Google. He has been featured in many top TV networks in the US. See some of the recent coverage here.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Kutluk Oktay, MD has performed the first laparoscopic and robotic ovarian transplants in the world.


Dr. Oktay is an accomplished laparoscopic and robotic surgeon. He performs various innovative procedures with minimally invasive techniques.

High Success Rates

See these testimonials to understand how our patients feel about the care they receive


Dr. Oktay's clinical pregnancy rates for IVF with fresh embryo transfer is as follows:
< 35 years old - 75%
35 - 37 years old - 37.5%
38 - 40 years old - 50%
41 - 42 years old - 30%

Experienced Compassionate Staff

Our staff offers you their experience in a very relaxed atmosphere.


We are compassionate. Our staff offers you their experience in a very relaxed atmosphere. We understand infertility is stressful and we strive to put you at ease from the moment you walk in to our facilities.

About Dr. Oktay


Kutluk “Lucas” Oktay, MD, PhD, FACOG is Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medicine, Pathology, and Cell Biology & Anatomy, Director, Division of Reproductive Medicine & Institute for Fertility Preservation at New York Medical College (NYMC). Dr. Oktay   completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Connecticut Health Science Center in Farmington, CT, followed by a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX.  He was subsequently awarded to be an American College of OBGYN (ACOG)/Royal College of OBGYN (RCOG) Exchange Fellow in the Department of Reproductive Biology, Obstetrics & Gynecology at Leeds University School of Medicine/Leeds General Infirmary in the UK. Dr. Oktay subsequently obtained a Doctor of Health Sciences degree (PhD) from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

More Information

Watch : Dr. Oktay's ABC News Interview... Letrozole baby is 10 years old.